Musée de Sutton

Expo Bertrand Derome

[ÉTÉ 2020] Par Richard Leclerc Malgré la réouverture de certaines institutions muséales, le conseil d’administration du Musée des communications et d’histoire de Sutton pris sa décision. Celle de remettre à l’été 2021 l’exposition…

Musée Missisquoi Museum

More Poetry Please

[SUMMER 2020] By Heather Darch In 1904, a sixteen-year old Tom Eliot, while camping on the shores of Lake Memphremagog, climbed Mount Orford and wrote a poem about his adventure. It’s not a good poem! As Dr. Philip…

Chinese Musée Missisquoi Museum

The Laundryman

[SPRING 2020] By Heather Darch On August 16, 1896 a small classified ad in the Bedford Times stated that: “Mr. Wah Lee opens his laundry in the old cheese manufacturer, close to the covered bridge (61 rue du Pont).” This…

Paulina Reynolds Musée Missisquoi Museum

Paulina Reynolds

  [WINTER 2019-20] By Heather Darch The village of Lagrange, also known as Hunter’s Mills, was at one time an active mill community. At its centre was the Lagrange Woollen Mill where wool was cleaned, carded, spun into…

tanneries Musée Missisquoi Museum

No singing on the job

[FALL 2019] By Heather Darch From the early 1800s, tanneries where animal hides were processed to make leather were located along the Rivière aux Brochets in Missisquoi County. Early entrepreneurs had easy access to the river. They understood the…

Pierre Falardeau Musée de Sutton

Pierre Falardeau, « L’homme révolté »

[ÉTÉ 2019] Par Richard Leclerc Le Musée des communications et d’histoire de Sutton propose, du 22 juin au 14 octobre 2019, une exposition consacrée à Pierre Falardeau. Ce dernier avait une résidence secondaire à Dunkin, de 1976 jusqu…

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