Stories by Peter Turner

kd Lang Stories by Peter Turner

Charlie and kd 

(FALL 2020]  By Peter Turner  Charlie arrived in Kingston before supper, so he would have time to prepare for his 8 o’clock meeting next morning. After checking into the Holiday Inn he retired, with his work, to the sports…

Peter Turner Stories by Peter Turner

Howard and the Nurses

[SPRING 2020] A short story by Peter Turner For all of his fifty-five years, Howard Laporte was known as “The Walker.” At the age of eight months he’d surprised his mother by walking upright under the kitchen table…

A Christmas dog story Stories by Peter Turner

Bob’s Christmas

[WINTER 2019-20] A story by Peter Turner It was the worst Christmas Eve ever. The whole family was despondent. Bob, their grandparents’ beautiful big puppy, was gone. Stolen! Right out of the back yard. The freshly fallen snow showed…

Stories by Peter Turner

Hibrow Bergeron

[SPRING 2019] By Peter Turner Arsene Bergeron, had inherited the Bergeron’s distinctive single eyebrow across the centre of his forehead, thus his nickname HiBrow.” His father had always been known as “Bigbrow,” his younger brother Alcide, as “Lobrow” and…

Grey Cup Stories by Peter Turner

Grey Cup 1962

[WINTER 2018] By Peter Turner   My Uncle Lloyd, a retired senator, is a die-hard Canadian Football League (CFL) fan. He attended his first Grey Cup in November 1962, while in his last year at Bishop’s University, and…

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