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To Cap It Off!

[FALL 2015] By Heather Darch   When the first settlers came to the Eastern Townships, they quickly began to clear the thick forest and its undergrowth and turn the countryside into ploughed fields and pastures. In the early store ledgers…


The Legion: Sutton remembers

[FALL 2015] By Robert Gaudreau   The year 2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the start of what became known as the Great War. The anniversary made the headlines all year. Rightly so as more than 600,000 Canadian soldiers…

Art Visuel

The tree whisperer

[SUMMER 2015] By Wilder Penfield Like the guy in the musical Paint Your Wagon, “I talk to the trees, but they don’t listen to me.” This is probably less surprising than meeting someone who listens patiently until the trees…


La Guerre des tuques

[ÉTÉ 2015] Par Gaël Steinmetz Bien qu’il me répugne d’aborder le délicat sujet de l’hiver prochain en ces derniers soubresauts d’agonie de nos bancs de neige teintés de gravelle grise, je dois…


Seeing Flavia

  [SUMMER 2015] By Heather Darch   Her name was Flavia. She didn’t have a last name or at least no one bothered to use it. We don’t know her age, or if she was married or had…



[ÉTÉ 2015] Par Michel Guibord   La photo de mariage accrochée au salon date de la fin des années soixante. On y voit Paulette sur une balançoire, la robe à crinoline gonflée par la poussée que…

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