Zhineng QiGong Sutton Retreat Yoga

Zhineng Qigong Sutton Retreat

[SUMMER 2019] By Tutti Gould and Laird Brown Zhineng Qigong is an updated form of an ancient Chinese practice that energizes, heals and uplifts the whole person. Originally, it was reserved for the aristocracy and martial artists in China. But…

Yoga Yoga

Yoga for hiking

[SUMMER 2019] By Barrie Risman   You’re likely aware of, or perhaps have experienced first-hand, the benefits of yoga to help prevent injury, sharpen balance and agility, and improve functionality in movement.   But there’s so much…

Yoga with Barrie Risman Yoga

5 Tips to Reignite Your Yoga Practice

[SPRING 2019] By Barrie Risman Ahh, springtime in Quebec! Time to take off the winter tires, clear the garden, turn down the heat, and maybe even feel that long-awaited warm breeze caressing your skin. Just as nature renews herself…


Is Yoga for me?

[PRINTEMPS 2018] Par Daniel Laberge   The day I was approached by a 70-year-old gentleman (I will call him P.) asking if I would teach him and his buddies Yoga, I could not have been happier. I had…

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