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Publié le : 20 novembre 2021

Dernière mise à jour : 30 novembre 2021


As much as we try to find comfort in stability, the truth is, everything is always changing.


In high school I was blessed with a most inspiring teacher. One of the things he had in his class room were quotes written all in caps on various colors of construction paper placed all around the room. These quotes moved him and he put them up in hopes that they may move us as well. One particular quote that always caught my eye and wondering mind was, “THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE.” This insightful and funny quote by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus really hits the nail on the head. As much as we try to find comfort in stability, the truth is, everything is always changing.

So here we are again with a new season, new change, the dark and beautiful, silent and cozy, winter magic. The snow falls and night comes early. It forces a different kind of reflection, an inner time with oneself, less busy and more quiet. The Danish word “Hygge” comes to mind. Defined as, “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”. This concept is important in Danish culture. It’s the creation of activities or an environment that brings comfort in simple pleasures. Warm yourself by the fire, drink a cup of tea, play music or paint a picture. Or whatever gives you that type of happiness.

This is a perfect time of year to bring “Hygge” in your life. Most of us do it without even knowing of the concept. Another example is simply having guests over to share a meal. There’s something more special about having friends or family over in a warm and cozy house in the winter. The conversations are more centralized and intimate. The warm food and cold drinks hit differently. We have more time indoors and that ignites the contemplative mind and directs conversations accordingly.

The social landscape has definitely changed since Covid came crashing in. We slowly got used to the isolation and it transformed our daily habits and routines. When the lockdowns opened up and we were free to gather without consequences, we were like an animal in a cage reluctant to return to freedom. It seems to have taken some time to revert back to regular social life or a semblance of what it used to be. We are stronger and better together so let’s extend those heart strings once again!

Sutton is changing too. As we sometimes complain about how busy it is on weekends and tend to avoid the village whenever possible, we also have to be thankful so many want to visit our little mountain paradise. Tourism helps the businesses and the businesses are run by good people trying to live their passions. The new generation of shop owners and restaurateurs are here and I for one welcome the change and wish them success! Let’s build a supportive community, rebuild our social lives, embrace the new season and all the change that comes with it. After all, change is evitable, it’s the only constant, remember?

Mark Mahoney