Interview with Charluxx


[WINTER 2019-20]


We caught up with local musician Charluxx to talk about his music and his first album.


So Charluxx where do you come from?

I grew up in North America and Africa. I traveled a lot. Away from Quebec for 20 years, I came back five years ago to be close to my family. My mother and sister live in Sutton so it made sense to move here as well.

What instrument do you play?

I’m a multi-instrumentalist. I sing, play piano and keyboard, guitar, percussion, but mostly I’m a bassist. I’m actually proud of the fact that I play every single note on my album.

So, what kind of music do you make?

I created a new style that I call Sexy Funk… which is also the title of the album.

Why did you feel you needed to start a new genre?

Honestly, nothing sounds like it out there so I wanted to come up with something new. My influences range from Stevie Wonder to James Brown to Prince to The Beatles and so many others. You can hear something of all of them in there, but I didn’t set out to imitate anyone. I think of it as musical distillation and interpretation mixed with my own sensibilities. It’s funky with a strong positive social message, and it’s sexy!

Oh, how is that?

Well, sexy subject matter… and a good helping of sexy bass! I think of it as feel good music that makes you move.

You seem to really like bass!

I decided to put the bass forward because it sounds good to me. Historically the bass has been in the background. I’m bringing it back… it’s sexier up front.

You talk about having a strong social message, can you elaborate on that?

The world is a dark enough place right now. I want to brighten it up with a positive message of love and understanding, bring awareness of the issues at play and how to bring about meaningful change. There’s a responsibility that comes with having an audience. I take it seriously. I am edgy though: songs like Facts, New Direction, Listen To The Crowd, Resist, Justice, and We Got This are very political… but at the same time really groovy!

What are your views of the current political situation?

I strongly believe that we need to stop polarizing politics. The ubiquity of the Left vs. Right debacle has left us worst off. We have gone to extremes, particularly on the Far Right. We need to redefine how we approach this, we need to move closer to  politics of inclusion. You’ll need to listen to my songs for more on my views! You can also read my weekly blog Philosophy Fridays on my website.

Fair enough. Strange question but, who’s your audience?

That’s actually a great question! I’m actively in search of my audience, I want to know who they are! Because of music streaming, I already have an international following with fans in Brazil, Canada, France, India, Poland, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, the United States, Tunisia… it’s a bit mind-boggling for someone living in the country!

To answer your question more precisely, my music is for everyone. The songs on my album are all so different that you’ll find something in there that speaks to you. I guarantee it!

Is it hard as a musician to operate from the country?

Not at all. Thanks to the current state of technology I was able to create an affordable, albeit very small, studio at home where I record all my music. Also, I was extremely lucky to have found two amazing collaborators in Mark Gibson and Pascal Lavallée who own a recording studio in Cowansville called Kindomusik Studio. We mix my music together, and they make it sound awesome!

Can you tell us more about your album?

It’s a real labour of love. You can really hear it. I’m dating myself here but it’s 26 years in the making! The result makes me proud. I’m already hard at work on my next ones… For some reason, I’m very prolific these days!

Do you perform live?

Not yet. I’ll be putting together a live band… think James Brown circa 1970s: flamboyant costumes, a horn section, dancers, choreography, the works! It takes time to put a show like that together, I’m looking for like minded professionals who want to join me. Stay tuned!

Where can we hear or buy your album?

It’s available on all streaming platforms, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. You can buy it on my website, and it will be available in select stores. As a bonus, I’ve actually recorded a song especially for your readers that I’m offering for free on my website at Hope you like it!

Thank you Charluxx and good luck with your album.

You’re welcome, thank you for the interview. I really appreciate it.

Interview with Charluxx to know more about his Sexy Funk album

Charluxx Musique

Interview with Charluxx

[WINTER 2019-20] We caught up with local musician Charluxx to talk about his music and his first album.   So Charluxx where do you come from? I grew up in North America and Africa. I traveled a lot. Away…

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