Shirley Leitham

Shirley Leitham and MacCoo’s Adventures


[SPRING 2020]

By Geneviève Hébert

Shirley Leitham
Shirley Leitham’s book

Shirley Leitham and her husband have lived in Sutton since 1998. Her father was from Scotland and often spoke of his family’s homeland in Perth but sadly never had the chance to return. She made a promise to him before he passed that she would one day go there to find her relatives. And she did! In 2018, she even had the pleasure of holding a family reunion here in Sutton with family from both sides of the Atlantic.

During one of her visits to Scotland, her family brought them to see the highland coos, who immediately caught her heart. She saw a calf in the pasture. When she called to him, he started towards her, crossing the pasture, only to be stopped by the rambling brook. That’s when she got the idea for her book MacCoo’s Adventures.

Shortly after, Shirley Leitham started volunteering at the Sutton School in the homework assistance program. These children and her three granddaughters experienced along with her the making of her book and her acrylic paintings of MacCoo.

Last year, she was invited by the school to read her book to Grade 1, 3 & 4 students and will return this spring to read to Grade 2. She exhibited her paintings and MacCoo stuffies in classrooms. The Sutton School students even chose the painting that would make the cover of her first book.

Shirley Leitham says the MacCoo Get-A-Way book is the first in a series. In this book, MacCoo learns many things: how to stand up to bullies; the importance of friendship and the unconditional love of family; the joy of competition; and how to say goodbye.

For more information or if you would like to get the book, visit her web site Her books are also available in the boutique at the BMP Hospital in Cowansville where she also volunteers.

Shirley Leitham and MacCoo’s Adventures

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