Amy Rogerson

Karine Tcholkayan pht and Amy Rogerson pht Amy and Karine are registered physiotherapists, both holding a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy and Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science.

Managing Knee Osteoarthritis Proactively

Knee osteoarthritis (OA) affects more than one third of people over the age of 50. Although it is almost as…


Acting On Your Balance System

By Amy Rogerson et Karine Tcholkayan Today’s column will focus on our balance system and what helps maintain its integrity….

low back pain

Misconceptions about low back pain

By Karine Tcholkayan and Amy Rogerson Low back pain (LBP) is extremely common in the general population, but unfortunately it…

Hot or Cold Debate

The Hot and Cold Therapy Debate

By Amy Rogerson & Karine Tcholkayan   A common question is whether to use hot or cold to treat injury…