Sarah Cobb

loss Sarah Cobb

A Patch of Blue

Par Sarah Cobb / 10 novembre 2023

In times of loss, rituals – traditional or custom-made – can help us cope with difficult moments.

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Gratitude is a Muscle

Par Sarah Cobb / 16 août 2023

These reflections remind me, again and again, that the world is a wonderful place if you make the effort to focus your attention in the right direction. Like anything, the more I practice, the better I get at seeing. The more I see, the more thankful I am. 

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What does community mean?

Par Sarah Cobb / 6 juin 2023

Sometimes, despite many differences and how ungenerously opposing views are expressed, we realize we can count, after all, on our community.

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Some say hurry. Some say hard.*

Par Sarah Cobb / 16 février 2023

It’s fun to learn the vocabulary of the game. It’s fun to learn the etiquette. It’s fun to banter with your teammates and opponents during the game.

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Laird Brown

Laird Brown, Sutton’s Wizard

Par Sarah Cobb / 14 novembre 2022

Laird Brown was a mensch, a unique human, a brewer of tea, a baker of shortbread, a life coach, counsellor, stepdad, partner, friend. He died on September 25, 2022.

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Bulbs And Belonging

Par Sarah Cobb / 9 août 2022

Not unlike plants, people’s genes have altered to facilitate adaptation to their environment long before humans first settled into agrarian communities.

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Par Sarah Cobb / 9 mars 2022

Find some trees. Stand among them. Take a deep breath of the fresh air they made and think about the light you can bring to those around you.

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Getting to know your neighbours

Par Sarah Cobb / 30 juin 2020

Like everyone else, spring for me this year meant spending a great deal of time at home with my family. We decided to invest in some bird feeders – invasion of the squirrels be damned– and play host to the local population. The number of winged friends exploded as spring progressed. Watching them flit around,…

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