Galerie Art plus is closing its doors

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Publié le : 3 juin 2024

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Brigite Normandin is handing over the keys to the Town of Sutton who will take on the next chapter in the history of this beautiful white Church on Maple Street.

Art Plus

In 2013, when we set foot in the United Church, it was love at first sight. The plan would be to transform the main floor into an art gallery and the ground floor into my art studio. Even after becoming the owners of this majestic building, I always felt I was a custodian of the Church with all its history and that deep down, it belonged to the community.

Ten magnificent years with you

Highlighting the visual arts in this beautiful region has been memorable. This past decade has flown by so fast, I can hardly believe this chapter will soon come to a close. Today I’m addressing you, clients and artists of Galerie Art Plus. You have blessed me with your numerous visits, with your art, your commentaries and your love for the arts. Thanks to you, Galerie Art Plus has been a true success. From day one, you were ready with anticipation to step through the gallery doors and for that I am eternally grateful.

Three partners I would like to thank

Thank you to my dear friend and great artist Liz Davidson. It was an honor to exhibit her artworks throughout the years. Liz also accompanied me in my director’s role by producing amazing advertising banners, posters and gallery invitations. She was first in rank among the gallery artists and ever since she passed away in 2021, her spirit lives on in my memory and my heart.

Thank you to Mathilde Hébert, a local artist who took on Liz’s graphic production of promotional tools for Galerie Art Plus. Thanks to her expertise, we all benefited once again with the work of a remarkable artist.

At last but not the least, I would like to thank my life partner, Peter Reindler, who believed in me and the gallery. Always at my side, guiding me and supporting me in my moments of uncertainty, ready to share with me his knowhow and his experience in business. That in itself, was an immeasurable gift for me the budding gallerista.

Galerie Art Plus 2014-2024

Today we give the keys to the Town of Sutton. The town will take on the next chapter in the history of this beautiful white Church on Maple Street. Be assured that the whole community will continue to benefit from this wonderful space. For my part, I will return to my artwork that I partially set aside. Soon you will find me in a new studio where I will continue to explore and produce new creative projects. With heartfelt gratitude I bid you farewell and hope to see you soon ! I invite you to follow me on my blog and Instagram.

Brigite Normandin