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Percy & Pom makes gorgeous soaps and lotion bars that you can find online or at Susan Keays Kreations' shop in Sutton.

Percy & Pom
Percy & Pom founder and owner Tyler Keays-Lee with her creations

With the pandemic still wreaking havoc around us, many small businesses have been forced to find new, inventive ways to keep their business thriving. While many have adapted their business plans and made crucial changes, Tyler Keays-Lee, a local resident, found inspiration in the midst of the pandemic, launching a new business of her own in 2020: Percy & Pom.

Percy & Pom’s bath and body products

Born and raised in Dunham, Tyler is the visionary and entrepreneur behind Percy & Pom, a soap-making business that combines Tyler’s love of art and science. During lockdown in March 2020, Tyler discovered the beauty in the small things: soap. She wanted to offer clients a natural and gentle product that could be incorporated into their self-care routine.

That’s why Percy & Pom’s cold-processed artisan soaps are made with natural oils. She uses olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil, as well as shea butter. Some soaps are fragranced with essential oils, and others with fragrance oils. To add colours, she uses charcoal, turmeric, clays, as well as micas and mineral oxides. She also incorporates additives like coconut milk, coffee and beer, all of which add fun, skin-nourishing qualities to the soap. Each soap is labelled with the ingredients, so you know exactly what’s in your soap. Tyler also recently started making salt soaps and lotion bars. She will certainly be branching out to other bath and body products in the future!

Soap-Making Workshops

As part of the vision behind Percy & Pom, Tyler also hosts custom soap-making workshops at her mother’s store, Susan Keays Kreations, in Sutton. This workshop is a beginner course. It gives clients a glimpse into the science behind soap-making and a chance to let their creativity fly. All materials are prepared in advance so clients can focus on creating the perfect loaf of soap. During this one-hour workshop, clients get to choose and mix their scents and colours. They pour their own design, add decorations and even name their soap. After the client’s soap has cured for four weeks, the loaf is cut into 10 bars. Each of them comes with a custom label that includes the name of the soap and the ingredients.

If you want to attend a soap-making workshop, be sure to check Percy & Pom’s Facebook page or Instagram account regularly for upcoming workshops as spaces are limited. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it! Whether you’re looking to purchase a lovely soap for yourself or a loved one, create a custom order for an event, or attend a unique soap-making workshop, Percy & Pom can certainly meet all your needs. All that to say, the future is truly looking bright for Percy & Pom!

You can purchase Tyler’s creations at Susan Keays Kreations’s shop in Sutton or on

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