Sutton Market – 54th Edition

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Publié le : 3 juin 2024

Dernière mise à jour : 3 juin 2024


The Sutton Market is where community, creativity, and culinary delights converge in a celebration of local talent and flavor!

The Sutton Market at its peak. Photo Mikaël Theimer

In preparation for this exciting milestone, we’ve undergone improvements to our beloved market thanks to the help of Rocket Construction. Notable upgrades include the installation of a convenient baby changing table in the spacious restroom. Also, the replacement of the aging awning on the long building with a fresh, new one. We’ve also collaborated with local artist Léa Mercante, renowned for her use of captivating bold colors and optics. Alongside a dynamic young crew from Sutton, Léa is spearheading the conception, design, and painting of a vibrant new mural adorning the interior walls of the long building. Moreover, Léa will grace our market later in the season. She will be showcasing her eclectic array of art pieces from her camper, while conducting captivating screen-printing sessions with her serigraphy machine. 

A Vibrant Legions Park

It’s impossible to overlook the invaluable contributions of our cherished partners at the Royal Canadian Legion. Their unwavering commitment to community upliftment mirrors our own. This summer, Legions Park will be the vibrant hub for both the Fiddle Festival and the Sutton Jazz Festival. It will foster an exciting spirit of collaboration and innovation between our organizations.


Central to the Sutton Market’s charm is its eclectic blend of offerings, representing the very essence of our vibrant community. From the finest local growers to a diverse array of artisans and passionate culinary artisans crafting delectable treats, there’s something to delight every visitor. Adding to the ambiance, we’re thrilled to announce that live music performances will grace our market every weekend, beginning in June. And as for culinary delights, prepare your taste buds for an exquisite experience with freshly prepared wood-fired pizzas, succulent lobster and crab sourced from New Brunswick, artisanal coffee courtesy of Les Torréfacteurs Appalaches, and exquisite wines from Domaine Girouard, among other tantalizing offerings.


Mark your calendars with our operating hours. During May, September, and October, we’re open from 9 am to 1 pm. While during the peak summer months of June, July, and August, our doors open earlier at 8 am, ensuring ample time for you to savor all that the Sutton Market has to offer.

Join us this summer at the Sutton Market, where community, creativity, and culinary delights converge in a celebration of local talent and flavor!

Dana Cooper