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Angie Déry, the new Outreach Worker at the CAB Sutton is keen to support Sutton and Abercorn residents zero to fifty years of age by helping them find the appropriate services.

Every family has its ups and downs

Balancing work and family life, challenges at school (learning disabilities, bullying), parenting (break-ups and single parenting), meeting other families, relationships, making ends meet, time, physical and mental health (bed wetting, depression/anxiety, sleep issues) can be a struggle. Perhaps your family can relate to some of these challenges, big or small?

The list is endless. Sometimes these issues work themselves out. But every so often a series of events occur where we find ourselves wondering how we will find the strength to get back on track. Or take the steps to make things better. It can be difficult to find the energy and time to get the services available in our region. Especially challenging to find services in English. That is where our Family Outreach Person can help. It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed sometimes, but at the CAB you do not need to go it alone. 

You Can Turn to the CAB Sutton Outreach Worker

Angie Déry, the new Outreach Worker at the CAB Sutton is keen to support Sutton and Abercorn residents zero to fifty years of age. She can help them find the appropriate services. All requests are completely confidential. So, please don’t be shy, there is no shame in asking for a little help when necessary.

Angie Déry, the new Outreach Worker at the CAB
Angie Déry, the new Outreach Worker at the CAB, Sutton

Angie Déry, who is from Brome-Missisquoi, is bilingual and offers her services in both English and French. Thanks in part to funding from the Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN), she will work closely with regional partners. She will focus specifically on support to the English-speaking community offering services in English. 

For over 10 years now, Angie has worked, studied and volunteered to help and counsel families. Passionate about helping others, Angie is eager to meet more local families. She is available regularly at the CAB Sutton (7 Academy Street). She will be working closely with the Sutton School, daycares, non-profits, municipalities and other local organizations to assist when needed. You can meet Angie at the Baby Drop-In on Friday mornings and at many other community activities during the year.

Please Help the CAB Sutton Reach More Families

The CAB Sutton is calling on the community to help Angie reach as many families as possible. Whether you are a teacher, a parent, an employer, a daycare worker or someone who works with local children and families, you can perhaps help Angie get to know the community even better.

To learn more about available services in the area or to inquire about her support for local families, you can reach Angie at (450) 522-2422, Or you can drop by the CAB Sutton at 7 Academy. 

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