Sharon Kivenko

Ballet Théâtre Sutton Dashiele Haskin

Dashiele Haskin on Ballet Théâtre Sutton

Par Sharon Kivenko / 25 février 2024

Dashiele Haskin sees a bright future for Ballet Théâtre Sutton, just not with her wearing so many of the hats it requires to run.

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Connecting People to Planet, With Trees

Par Sharon Kivenko / 10 novembre 2023

Through Canopeum, Alex Schmitz is fashioning a way to motivate people to germinate and plant the seeds for a stronger collective future. 

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Le Vent du Nord wind Sharon Kivenko

Where North Winds Blow

Par Sharon Kivenko / 8 novembre 2023

Inspired by Le Vent du Nord, Sharon Kivenko shares her thoughts on «what it is to be from a place, but not actually of that place».

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