Global Water Dance 2023

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Publié le : 2 juin 2023

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A global community of choreographers and dancers inspire action and international collaboration for water issues.

Global Water Dance

What do you think of water? Or do you not give it much thought? Are you one who turns off the tap while brushing your teeth? Or are you more likely to run long daily showers and use it with abandon – it’s only water after all!

The fact that many in this world do not have ready access to clean water is perhaps difficult to relate to given the abundance we enjoy. Though there are some in our region who have experienced the disturbing hardship of their wells unexpectedly running dry!

Choreography by Joanne Birtz, music by Geneviève Sabourin

This June 10th a group of water advocates – who also love to dance – perform as part of Global Water Dances 2023. Led by local real estate broker and experienced choreographer, Joanne Birtz, this group from Lac-Brome, Sutton, West-Brome and Abercorn come together to perform her choreography. The objective is to raise awareness of the importance of clean water for all. Their dance is set to the music of Geneviève Sabourin, who plays piano, indigenous flutes, and traditional drums. Active in the creative process, Geneviève also performs the live dance accompaniment. 

To further raise awareness, Joanne’s collaboration with the Environmental Advisory Committee to the Town of Sutton is also part of the initiative. In addition, she will lead a workshop in interpretive dance for Sutton Ballet School – themed for the cause, of course!

Global Water Dances around the world

Through the universal language of dance, Global Water Dances organization’s initiators are an international network of dance and non-verbal communication experts who connect and support a global community of choreographers and dancers to inspire action and international collaboration for water issues. Over a decade ago their first event saw 57 locations come together for a 24-hour movement around the world.

The June 10th performance of the Lac Brome Water Dance will be filmed by cinematographer Dale Mackenzie using drones to capture the outdoor dance and aquatic setting. As with all water dances performed globally that day the video from the Lac Brome project will be included in an international montage and used to promote awareness of the importance of access to clean water for all!

For details of time and location for the June 10th Lac Brome water dance performance contact Kindly include water dance as your email subject line.

To learn more about Global Water Dances, visit For Conservation Lac Brome,

 Denise Beamish