Sophie Crawford

Miels Simon Riel

Miel Simon Riel

Relocating this fall, beekeeper Simon Riel will be offering his honey products, local fresh farm eggs and various other crafts. On his new property, you will enter the long dirt-entrance into a lush field of chickens, sheeps and goats…


Country road, take me home

Although my coming home was short-lived, I feel so fortunate. The pandemic grounded me and extended me back to my roots. The things that I once ran from, I now crave when I am at a distance.

Opale Joaillerie

Opale : An Account of Sutton’s Resilience

Summers in the Eastern Townships are normally characterized by bustling streets, colorful cafés and unique shops. This year however has…

English School

Going to English School in Quebec

Start at the British Conquest of 1760 – when Quebec fell to the rule of a British minority. Forward through…