Peter Turner

Sherman Young

SHERMAN YOUNG – 1928-2018

Sherman was born on the 220-acre Pinnacle Mountain Farm that lies on the south side of the Mountain, a kilometer…

Canadian Via Rail

« The Canadian » ( from Toronto to Vancouver)

Shortly after my wife and I boarded the Canadian in Toronto for its four-night journey to Vancouver, a steward introduced…

Flaming Christmas Pudding Peter Turner

Christmas Pudding

“I’m sorry Charlie, I shall not make a Christmas pudding for the Dallaires. They’re very nice, but they won’t like…

Poster of Gone With The Wind illustrating a short story by Peter Turner

First Love

Aunt Lilias had few happy days during her 58-year marriage to Delbert Wright. She’d often told Charlie, her favourite nephew,…


The Senator Gives Back

At 87, the long retired Senator Lloyd Rogers, was becoming increasingly unreasonable. Among his friends there were whispers of “oldtimers”….


Uncle Lloyd’s Maple Syrup Promotion

Lloyd Rogers sat as a Conservative Member of Parliament for the riding of Derby/Abenaki from 1980 to 1984. During that…


Gord The watchdog

Gord was a wise and elegant old Golden Retriever. He was happy to go ungroomed, like a retired diplomat who’d…