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Precious individuals

Our communities’ organizations depend largely, or entirely, on volunteers, of which a very high proportion are seniors. It can be easy to minimise this contribution.

budget participatif participatory budget

Yes. It’s Your Turn

This Fall, Sutton citizens aged 10 and over will get the chance to vote for their preferred project in the Town’s very first participatory budget for which $50,000 has been allocated from the Town’s investment funds.

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If Not You, Who?

Back in 2018, in the Winter Edition of Le Tour, I wrote an article called Who Knew? about some of…

gîte Vert Le Mont

Ten Thousand Pillowcases Later

As I write this, it is not certain when and how Bed and Breakfasts will reopen in the context of…


Of Trees. And Newborns.

Trees. Don’t you just love them? Individual trees can come to feel like an old friend—a friendly face that one…

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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

The week of 20–27 September 2019 saw the biggest climate mobilization in history. According to some sources, 7.6 million people went…

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Qui l’aurait su?

Par Lynda Graham, traduction par Isabelle Capmas Cet article a déjà été publié en anglais dans la dernière édition du…

Municipal councillors' manuals

Who knew?

If you are considering applying for a new job, the first step is to look at the job description and…